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Concerts – Rock Star Service

The killer concert tickets are in your hand and this time, you’ve even got backstage passes. You’re about to rub elbows with the guitar heroes you’ve been rocking out to for years. What’s missing?

That would be a ride.

At BBZ Limousine and Livery, we’re all about the rides. From Rolls-Royce Wraiths, to Escalade SUVs, our fleet of luxury vehicles provides the touch of excess a night of rock and roll nirvana demands.  If you’re going to go backstage and see your rock god or goddess in the flesh, then a heavenly, luxurious vehicle to take you to that date with destiny should be on the set list.

Let someone else take the train. You and your party will arrive at the door to the concert venue like superstars, in the back of one of our luxurious, chauffeur-driven vehicles.  While everyone else is scrambling for space on transit or a parking spot, you’ll be riding in smooth-as-silk comfort and world class luxury. That’s rock star service!

Move like Jagger.

Rock gods don’t arrive at their concerts only to find there isn’t a parking spot for miles around the venue.  No.  Rock gods roll up in the highest possible style, letting their trusty drivers take care of “no fun” details like parking.  So whether you’re planning on a night with Lady Gaga or the Boss himself, there’s nothing like giving in to the fantasy and letting BBZ move you there like Jagger.

Picture yourself in the back of a stretch limo, entourage arrayed about you, as you enjoy a Jack Daniels over ice on your way to the gig.  Nothing spells “rock star” like the back of a stretch limousine.   The classic Escalade SUV may be more your style, with its flashy rims and tinted windows obscuring your party from the prying eyes of the general public.  Just add shades and you’re full on Mick Jagger.

Maybe your party is large and ready to party its way to the concert of the year in one of our premium party buses.  Your fantasy is a call away with BBZ Limo, offering a fleet of vehicles to fit every concert goer’s needs.

New Jersey and New York’s concert connection.

BBZ Limo has been around for over one hundred years, so we know how to bring the luxury.  Our drivers are the best in the business, with detailed knowledge of venues and prime routes to get to them.  Your driver will even know the right place for you and party to chill out and bask in the reflected glory of rock and roll’s pantheon, after the concert.  There’s no detail too small.  Our concierge drivers put BBZ’s guests and their enjoyment first.

Our elegant vehicles are maintained in exemplary condition – impeccable inside and out.  That’s part of our promise of professional service to concert goers in New Jersey and New York.

Feel the noise with BBZ Limo.

We’re the New Jersey and New York concert connection with your dreams of the ultimate concert experience in mind.   Feel the noise in rock star style.  Call us and don’t forget to bring your shades, superstar.