10 Fun Things to Do on a Party Bus That Doesn’t Include Booze

party bus themes

Party buses carry a bad reputation as just transportation for drunk people and their shenanigans. But actually, party buses can be so much more.  There are many fun things you can do when it comes to renting a party bus as long as you get creative. You can look into interesting party bus themes to […]

Don’t Miss that Bus! Corporate Shuttle Service in New Jersey

corporate livery service

It’s estimated that Americans take 488 million business trips every year. If your company’s been busy, then your workforce has probably contributed its fair share to the statistics. Whether it’s driving across the state to meet clients or jetting across the nation to attend conventions, both you and your employees are busy bees. While you […]

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Limo Service in NJ

wedding limo service nj

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. There are so many moving pieces, you want to make sure that everything is aligned so you can have the wedding of your dreams. One of the most important details you can’t overlook is how you’re going to get to your big day.  Keep reading to learn how […]

Party Bus vs Limo: Which Option is Best for Your Next Event?

rent a party bus

Special occasions are the perfect time to treat yourself. If you’re budgeting for an upcoming event, why not set aside some money for transportation? Whether you’re heading to a wedding reception or a concert, a limousine or party bus can get you there in style.  Should you rent a party bus or limo? The answer depends […]

Hiring a Limo Service for Your Wedding? 8 Questions You Should Ask First

limo rental

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. You’re already marrying the guy or gal of your dreams, so how do you make it even more memorable? Have you ever considered renting a limousine for the event?  Using a limo rental service means you no longer have to […]

Everyone should see New York City at least once.

New York Limo

By day or by night, New York City is a universe unto itself.  It’s the place where dreams are made true and where the buildings stretch to the heavens.  In the midst of it, Manhattan gleams with promise and the dynamic energy that has made this place the most renowned city on the planet.  There […]

No Party Is Complete Without An Party Bus NJ

party bus interior

No Party Is Complete Without An Party Bus NJ Best Party Bus in New Jersey Some of the best parties ever involve a party bus. Why limit the party only to the venue? Let the party start from the moment you leave home and step on board one of BBZ’s party bus. We have a […]

For A Night Of Partying Hire A New Jersey Car Service

NJ Car Service in NYC

Don’t Drink & Drive, Hire a Reliable New Jersey Car Service BBZ Limo is a one of the best Car Service in New Jersey Despite all the serious consequences of getting “turnt,” people continue to dedicate nights to losing their sobriety. Many say it’s a great escape from their often rigid daily routine – it’s […]

Relax in Comfort with Efficient Airport Limo Services NJ

airport driving

Efficient & Reliable Airport Limo Service NJ Don’t settle for second best. Book the with Best Limo Service in New Jersey Whether it’s for business or leisure, traveling by plane is a way of life for many people. It comes with its own entire lifestyle, if you were to ask the frequent flyers — packing […]

5 Amazing NJ Limo Party Ideas

Limo Party Ideas

5 Awesome NJ Limo Ride Party Ideas  Party on wheels! This seems to be a trend all over the world. People love the idea of being mobile while partying and there really is no other vehicle perfect for such an activity other than limousines or party buses. If you’re thinking about having a limo party […]

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