5 Amazing NJ Limo Party Ideas

Limo Party Ideas

5 Awesome NJ Limo Ride Party Ideas  Party on wheels! This seems to be a trend all over the world. People love the idea of being mobile while partying and there really is no other vehicle perfect for such an activity other than limousines or party buses. If you’re thinking about having a limo party […]

How a Limo Rental in NJ Can Make a Child’s Birthday Party Extraordinary

pink limo

Bouncy castles? Check. Trampolines? Did that last year. Swimming pool party? Already did it three times. Looking for a unique and fun birthday party idea for your child can definitely be exhausting. Even if there are a lot of great party ideas that you can find on the Internet, since birthday parties happen every year […]

Celebrate Birthdays on the Go with on an Impressive Party Bus

You’ve experienced it all. The surprise party at home, where everyone you love huddled in your darkened living room, ready to shout out their greetings when you walk in. The weekend getaway with your family to beautiful local tourist destinations. The casual cookouts in your backyard where everyone shared sumptuous barbecue, bottomless drinks, and a […]

New Jersey Limousine Service – Birthday Party Ideas

Thinking of a fun way to share your special day with your friends and loved ones? Why not hire a New Jersey limousine service? And in order to make your birthday more memorable, here are some party ideas to consider. Indulge in a bit of nostalgia by having an eighties theme for your birthday onboard […]

Choosing a Limo in NJ for Your Child’s Birthday

Kid's birthday

Does your child want a small and intimate party with a few of their closest friends or are they interested in something bigger? The size and scope of the festivities will ultimately determine how much you will spend on the limousine for amenities and size. A smaller town car is perfect for a child or […]

Give Your Kid the Best Birthday Ever with a Luxurious Limo Ride

Kid's birthday party

The dreaded birthday party. For every child that starts counting down the days until their next birthday, there are two parents stuck scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to throw a party that will top last years, or at least give their child something to talk about for a couple of weeks. Every […]

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